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    Dear Friends of Mayacamas Ranch:

    Early on the morning of October 9th, a fire swept through the Franz Valley and burned down Mayacamas Ranch & Homes, and neighbor’s surrounding properties. We are devastated. Thankfully, our dedicated staff and guests were able to safely evacuate.

    With the sudden devastation of Mayacamas Ranch by the fires, involving the total loss of property and jobs of ranch staff members, a friend has established a GoFundMe campaign to jump start a recovery effort – with the goal of raising $180K. Proceeds will be used to help staff in need as well as efforts to begin the healing and rebuilding process. We know that this GoFundMe goal is insufficient for fulfilling these priorities, but will go a long way towards bringing security to the 12 staff, several dozen retreat leaders and to commence recovery efforts on the land.

    It’s our deepest hope that something beautiful will emerge from this devastation, and as a community, we can begin a new chapter. With gratitude,

    David & Betsy Levy