About Mayacamas Ranch Homes

scenic_mtn_850Mayacamas Ranch Homes are managed by Paradise with Purpose, the hospitality group that oversees Mayacamas Ranch Retreat and Conference Center situated next to the Homes. Mayacamas Ranch is Northern California’s premier exclusive-use group retreat center located in Calistoga. Located in a natural and luxurious setting, the ranch and its homes are designed for deep renewal, reflection and connection to self, friends, family and the groups we are connected to. Paradise With Purpose has been hosting group experiences at Mayacamas Ranch for nearly a decade, with the focus on mind-body experiences led by leading yoga, meditation and bodywork experts. You’ll receive personalized pre-trip planning assistance from our dedicated staff to help customize your stay. We look forward to hosting you or your group in our nurturing and rejuvenating places.

One-of-a-kind properties

Inviting fire pit under the starsOur luxury homes provide an awe-inspiring setting for a variety of gatherings including corporate and non-profit retreats as well as adult and family group experiences, offering unprecedented beauty and tranquility. With magnificent views and stocked with everything you need to relax as well as comfortably entertain, both homes – unique and luxurious in their own special way – have it all! See description of homes here.

A unique array of  amenities, activities and programs

Our Paradise with Purpose experiences feature a host of well being experiences and special features including hiking, swimming, canoeing, bocce ball, wine country tours, yoga, massage and other mind body modalities. Massage and private chefs are available when booked in advance of stay. See link to our menu of upcoming retreats at our Mayacamas Ranch Homes.  Also, both houses include organic mattresses and bedding — similar to what’s offered at Mayacamas Ranch — which has been an amenity widely appreciated by our guests.

Find out more

To speak with one of our dedicated staff members, please contact us at 707-942-5127.  Or, you can reach us by email at info@mayacamasranchhomes.com.  And to obtain additional background about Mayacamas Ranch, visit www.mayacamasranch.com.