What are Mayacamas Ranch Homes and Paradise with Purpose?

Mayacamas Ranch Homes are managed by Paradise with Purpose, the hospitality group that oversees Mayacamas Ranch Retreat and Conference Center situated next to the Homes. Mayacamas Ranch is Northern California’s premier exclusive-use group retreat center located in Calistoga. Located in a natural and luxurious setting, the ranch and its homes are designed for deep renewal, reflection and connection to self, friends, family and the groups we are connected to. Paradise with Purpose has been hosting group experiences at Mayacamas Ranch for nearly a decade, with the focus on mind-body experiences led by leading yoga, meditation and bodywork experts. You’ll receive personalized pre-trip planning assistance from our dedicated staff to help customize your stay. We look forward to hosting you or your group in our nurturing and rejuvenating places.

Why would someone choose to stay at a Mayacamas Ranch home instead of other luxury vacation rentals in the wine country? What makes your homes unique?

In our fast pace, digital world, there’s an increasing need for all individuals to pause from every day life and retreat to a tranquil, beautiful and natural setting. Our properties are particularly unique in that we are located in a caldera—the crown of an ancient volcano. The setting is naturally designed to enable individuals and groups to slow down and rejuvenate in a peaceful and relaxing environment.  Also, all our rooms contain organic mattresses and bedding – an eco-friendly feature we added to promote a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep.

Can a large group take over both homes in addition to Mayacamas Ranch?

Yes, if you’re seeking space that can accommodate a large group of individuals (20 to stay at two homes or over 65 in both homes plus the ranch), we offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs. Reserving these venues together work well because they are in close proximity to/compliment one another – all surrounded by beautiful views and situated in tranquil, natural settings. Please note that Mayacamas Ranch has limited space in 2014 but can offer combined access to Homes and Ranch in 2015.

What nearby excursions do you recommend?

Our favorite picks include hot springs (e.g., Indian Hot Springs and Spa), local wineries, award winning dining and great shopping in local towns (Calistoga, St Helena and Healdsburg), Petrified Forest, the geyser, Safari West as well as bike rentals and hiking in Calistoga.

Do you plan to expand your network of homes/retreat centers?

Over the coming months we will be adding additional locations locally and nationwide.

Who are the stewards of Mayacamas Ranch and Homes?

GeneroCity Capital, a social venture financier was established by its founder, David Levy to invest, partner and steward the Mayacamas Ranch and Homes for the benefit of leaders and groups on the front line of promoting population wide well-being and social innovation.

GeneroCity Capital companies include MediaOne Services – a leading live to air digital media broadcast and video production studio based in San Francisco. Together, Mayacamas Ranch (and the homes) and MediaOne Services compose the core assets of a convening and communications platform called GeneroCity – a social venture enterprise that recycles profits from its specialty finance company to steward Mayacamas. GeneroCity also identifies, incubates and accelerates leaders and funders of high impact social benefit initiatives to foster a more humane and sustainable future for society and the planet.

One of our primary initiatives, in partnership with Dr. Jim Gordon and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, has been focused on expanding its internationally recognized mind-body skills training programs that empower care givers reaching populations with PTSD, including US Veterans, Gulf Coast communities, Middle East, Haiti and Native Americans. For more information on the Centers programs please go to www.cmbm.org

How do I learn more?

To speak with one of our dedicated staff members, please contact us at 707-942-5127.  Or, you can reach us by email at info@mayacamasranchhomes.com.  And to obtain additional background about Mayacamas Ranch, visit www.mayacamasranch.com.